Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Alliants

At Hapi, we accelerate innovation by simplifying hospitality technology integrations to the PMS. We currently have a partner community of more than 70 hospitality technology companies that connect into our easy-to-use HAPI APIs and we’re proud to spotlight our tech partners who are bringing innovation to the hotel industry.

Alliants is at the top of the list as one of those innovative partners. Alliants helps hotels transform their guest experience by combining messaging with concierge and powerful automation, helping to deliver exceptional contactless customer experiences. This week, we sat down with Tristan Gadsby, Alliants CEO, to ask how Alliants is pushing innovation in the hotel tech industry and trends they see developing in the landscape. 

1. How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

 Alliants have spent the last 11 years working with some of the leading hotel companies across the globe, including Four Seasons, Soho House, Jumeirah, to deliver best-in-class digital guest experiences. With the guest at the center of our solutions, we work in partnership with a hotel’s leadership team to build a Customer Experience Strategy. Our new contactless Alliants Experience Platform is a simple, seamless, secure and scalable solution that delivers messaging and concierge with powerful automation features to help hotels deliver an exceptional guest experience. The platform allows hoteliers to deliver a contactless experience and take a guest-centric approach, both critical elements required to improve performance in the current environment.

2. What do you see as the biggest trends in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?

 – Contactless. We expect to see brands limit their use of physical touchpoints and invest in substituting with digital tools to enable a contactless experience, from messaging, itineraries, payments and more.

– Automation. We can expect increased adoption of tools that automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing hotels to provide higher levels of service with less resource. The hotels that will excel are those who manage to deliver a human touch in their digital experience.

– Ancillaries and experiences. Hotels will need to maximize existing revenue lines or create new revenue streams. This will very much rely on the Concierge team to help generate ancillary revenue through transportation, ticket sales, activities, etc. 

Experiential travel will continue to drive revenues within hotels, and customers will look to the Concierge for trusted recommendations and experiences.

3. How has Hapi helped Alliants and your customers?

Hapi provides us with seamless integration to the hotels’ Property Management Systems, allowing Alliants to enhance the guest experience with seamless multi-channel guest communication and concierge services. Hapi also enables the Alliants Experience Platform to automatically trigger guest communications based on events.

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