Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Clairvoyix

Clairvoyix is this week’s Hapi Featured Technology Partner! With Clairvoyix’s turnkey direct marketing and communication solutions, hotels can make sure to   keep their guests and meeting planners up to date with the latest information during the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent recovery.

We caught up with Clairvoyix CEO, Mike Schmitt, to learn more about how hotels are moving forward with targeted marketing efforts during a global pandemic. 

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

By recognizing that with fewer sales and marketing personnel automation is a requirement if a property wants to continue to market to a targeted audience at scale.  Clairvoyix is delivering SaaS/cloud-based CRM with deferred billing so that properties can allocate funds to whatever else they believe will help them prosper during the recovery. 

What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?

Contact-less systems, whether mobile check-in, payments, or something else.   Also utilizing direct marketing, email and social media to inform guests of the status of the property, including new sanitization standards and policies.   

How has Hapi helped Clairvoyix and your customers?

By delivering interoperability that gives multi-property management companies/hotel operators the ability to share data from multi-vendor deployed systems.  This results in better direct marketing results (ROI) because data is no longer siloed, it becomes available for segmentation and targeting marketing.

To learn more about Clairvoyix, check them out at www.clairvoyix.com.

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