Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Ivy by Go Moment

We are delighted to feature our partners Go Moment, who joined the Hapi partner ecosystem in 2019. Their mission is to help hotels provide their best hospitality and service at a distance, while still creating unforgettable guest experiences. We believe this to be a timely solution as the industry adjusts to socially distanced operations in a new normal. Using a combination of human interaction and AI technology, their smart-concierge solution, Ivy, allows hotels to communicate directly and contactlessly with their guests in the way they’re most comfortable — using their personal mobile phones!

We asked Jennifer Suski, Senior Director of Sales at Go Moment, to share her thoughts on our questions:

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

"Ivy allows hotels to communicate directly with guests in the way they’re most comfortable — using their phones! 90% of hotel guests prefer text message communication, and this number is likely to rise as social distancing becomes more of a priority. By engaging with guests via text message, hotels can interact with them more often and on a more personal level, opening the door to countless upsell opportunities and real-time problem resolution."

What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-Covid era?

"Contactless, contactless, contactless. The entire world of hospitality has been challenged to figure out how to provide service at a distance while still creating unforgettable experiences. The hardest part? We didn’t have years to figure this out — just a few short weeks. Go Moment has been working for years to partner with the best in the industry to provide services that are contactless, easy-to-use, and impressive to guests."

How has Hapi helped Go Moment and your customers?

"Hapi allows us to work with more clients on more platforms. By connecting Ivy to a wide array of Property Management Systems, we have been to offer contactless hospitality solutions to a much wider range of hotels throughout the country."

For more information on Go Moment, feel free to check them out at www.gomoment.com or reach out to Jennifer directly by email Jennifer@gomoment.com or by phone (818) 669-7065.

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