Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Monscierge

On this week’s installation of featured Hapi Technology partners, we are excited to feature a tech forward, customer and staff focused communication platform, Monscierge.  We caught up with Andrew Hale who heads up Innovation and Design at Monscierge to learn how they are helping the hospitality industry during the global Covid-19 pandemic.  

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

Monscierge’s company promise is to improve guest to staff communication, enhance the guest experience, increase staff accountability, and enable new ways for the hospitality industry to reduce operating expenses. We’re doing this through our communication platform built for the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. Our platform is unique in that it offers multiple avenues for the hotel to be able to consolidate their communication, provide ROI that increases revenue, and provides accountability to make better informed decisions across the business. 

For example, our Apple TV for Hospitality product enables properties to cut their cable which provides cost savings and better communication via on-screen requests that enable reduction of bad reviews on services like TripAdvisor. It also leads to increased guest loyalty and an ROI value stream to the hotel through the purchase of curated Experiences.

What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-Covid era?

The post-COVID era has seen an increase in the need to open the lines of dialogue between the hotel and guest. 

We recently did a study and found that communication was in the top two “new" challenges that hotels had. The communication has shifted from being simply “You’re checking in at 3 PM on Saturday” to also including “We’re taking these actionable steps to provide safeguards for cleaning" and providing options for how the check-in process will be done. 

The other trend is related but it’s finding out how to still offer interaction to the guest without necessarily being 1 on 1. We’ve seen strong interest in our SMS platform but also communication through in-room communication such as our in-room solution or our web-based digital directory, both which enable getting rid of printed materials and increasing distance between people communicating. One of our products is a touch-screen system and to be fair this particular product has fallen out of vogue [at the moment] but there’s a strong interest in turning interactive signage into passive signage that’s informative. Long story short, at all levels, it always goes back to some form of communication and a strong desire to save money.

How has Hapi helped Monscierge and your customers?

One of the principles of Monscierge is that we’re easy to do business with. This encompasses not only the practical business side of the relationship but every avenue down the line and covering staff members as well. We want to provide a fully baked solution that makes it easy for hotels to focus on the details. Hapi has helped by enabling check-in and check-out functionality to be more seamless and automated which in-turn helps with speed and efficiency. We see these as key differentiators during the guest journey and help to create a great experience and loyalty that makes guests want to spend money, return, and leave great reviews, which helps create further cycles.

To learn more about Monscierge, feel free to check out their website at https://www.monscierge.com/

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