Hapi Featured Technology Partner: UpsellGuru

At Hapi, we accelerate innovation by simplifying hospitality technology integrations. We currently have a partner community of over 60 hospitality technology companies that connect into our easy-to-use HAPI APIs.  

By connecting to Hapi, our partners integrate with some of the world’s biggest PMS providers including Oracle OPERA PMS, INFOR HMS, and Springer Miller’s Host PMS. It excites us to spotlight our tech partners who are bringing innovation to the hospitality industry.

UpsellGuru, the first room up-selling system that enables guests to bid on room upgrades, has been a Hapi partner since 2018.  UpsellGuru enables guests to feel in control of their hotel stay by allowing them to bid to upgrade their room if they feel the price is right, and to pre-book ancillary services in advance of their arrival.

We took some time to catch up with UpsellGuru Co-founder and Managing Partner Hans Schmidtner to ask what trends he has seen emerge during the COVID pandemic.

What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?

“The pandemic is bringing the ‘contactless guest journey’ into a higher gear. There’s a lot of demand for converting the conventional hotel services into digital and contactless mode such as mobile check-in process, keyless entry and contactless payment options. I think that hotels using a contactless guest experience, starting at the pre-arrival stage, will be ahead of the game for the next months and years to come."

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

“Whilst our core business has always been focused on pre-arrival up-selling, we have also developed tools to enhance post-arrival hotel experiences such as contactless check in process, digital in-room guest information channels and communication tools to drive in-house upselling. We have since successfully rolled out these services into the market that enabled us to cover a broader spectrum of services for the hotels, which has directly enhanced their guests’ experience during their journey.”up

How has Hapi helped UpsellGuru and your customers?

“Connectivity is key for hotels and tech providers. Hapi essentially connects UpsellGuru with its customers (hotels) by creating a bridge with the different PMSs, thus, cutting costs for us and our customers.”

For more information on UpsellGuru, feel free to check them out at www.upsellguru.com/

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