Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Volara

At Hapi we accelerate innovation by simplifying hospitality technology integrations to the PMS. We currently have a partner community of over 70 hospitality technology companies that connect into our easy-to-use HAPI APIs and it excites us to spotlight our tech partners who are bringing innovation to the hotel industry.

Volara is definitely at the top of the list as one of those innovative partners. Volara gets hotel guests talking with voice-based contactless customer engagement and touchless controls, running on hardware like the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub, among others.

This week we sat down  with Volara Founder and CEO, David Berger, to ask what trends he has seen emerge during the COVID pandemic. 

How can Voice technology help hoteliers enhance the guest experience in a post-Covid era?

Volara enables hoteliers to harness the power of interactive voice-based guest experiences.  Voice is just a medium for communication; it's how hoteliers use it in a way that will matter to their business.  Volara makes it easy and hassle free to use voice to drive measurable business outcomes for hoteliers.  And, thanks to Hapi, much of the magic happens through integration into other software and systems of the hotel client.  Volara's software has turned a very complex set of cutting edge popular technologies into a plug and play solution for our clients that can be live and engaging guests within weeks, not months.  The result is improved net promoter scores, cost reduction, and a differentiated guest experience that builds loyalty.

 How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

Differentiation.  Differentiation.  Differentiation.  I suspect most folks would have expected me to say "contactless guest engagement" or "touchless room controls", but candidly these features are now table stakes.  In the current environment, less people are traveling and staying in hotels, which means that the competition for the limited guests is more and more fierce.  Hoteliers have to decide whether they want to compete on price or on a differentiated offer.  

How has Hapi helped Volara and your customers?

Hapi has been a fantastic partner to Volara since the early days of both companies.  Both our teams recognize the value of removing friction, cost, and complexity from everything we provide.  Hoteliers, and the hotel technology vendors that support the hotel industry for that matter, want to work with partners that don't create a hassle.  Volara, like Hapi, has been fortunate to receive very positive reviews from across the hotel industry.  The reviews that I'm most proud of are those that highlight how easy our team is to work with and how the implementation of our technologies was hassle free.

To learn more about this super cool technology partner, check them out at https://volara.io/home-page

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