Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Wishbox

As guests start coming back in your doors, are they still huddling up in a queue with their mask on waiting to sign papers and share germs with the front-desk agent?

If so, it’s time to talk to Wishbox, a company providing a fully digital experience that allows both contactless solutions for check-ins as well as communication between guests and the hotel. At the same time, Wishbox helps hotels provide guests with easy access to information, including the ability to easily book additional services remotely. 

We recently caught up with Wishbox to understand more about their business and share how Hapi has helped connect them with essential data from leading property management systems to provide end-to-end customer solutions.

Hapi: How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

Wishbox: As seen in many industries and areas of our lives, recent global changes have accelerated development and change. These changes apply to the hospitality industry as well, raising the standards for the guest experience in hospitality, as guests have come to expect a fully digital experience. This includes both contactless solutions for check-ins, communication between guests and the hotel as well as easy access to information with the ability to easily book additional services remotely.  These innovations are also essential for hotels as they allow hotels to increase profitability and become more efficient. 

Wishbox empowers hotels to do just that, manage, and increasing engagement with guests while improving every metric of their business. Our platform allows hotels to bring their brand, culture, and experience to the digital platform, automate all communication with guests, and allowing them to purchase upsells and additional hotel services online while saving the hotel time and labor on repetitive tasks. 

Hapi: What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?

Wishbox: The biggest hospitality tech trend we are seeing is definitely contactless or, online check-in solutions. People are getting used to working, communicating, and enjoying services remotely. This new mindset appears to be the perfect opportunity for hotels to progress the way they communicate with guests and automate the check-in procedure that is often inefficient. We see many hotels searching and implementing ways to automate the arrival process to eliminate the queues and elevate the arrival experience for guests. More hotels are understanding that the online check-in is essentially a gateway to guest engagement and seizing this opportunity to strengthen their communication and increase revenue.  

Hapi: How has Hapi helped Wishbox and your customers?

Wishbox: The integration with Hapi allows Wishbox to connect and work with more property management systems and instantly reach more hospitality providers. Since partnering with Hapi, Wishbox has had multiple clients who successfully connected the platform to their property management system and were able to use and enjoy the benefits of Wishbox. Overall, the partnership helped Wishbox expand its user base and grow with clients in the most efficient way.

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