Intelligent Hospitality: Hapi Featured Technology Partner

At Hapi, we help accelerate hospitality technology innovation by simplifying property management system integrations. This week’s featured technology partner is, Intelligent Hospitality, one of the most prominent members of a community of innovative hospitality technology providers that believes that open and secure exchange of data is critical to a hotel’s success.

The team at Intelligent Hospitality was one of the first partners to join the Hapi ecosystem, and with over 100 hotels connected and growing between the two companies, it has been a match made in Business Intelligence Heaven.

Their flagship product, Hotel IQ, is the world’s leading business intelligence platform in the hospitality industry, providing hoteliers with data-driven tools to optimize revenue and profitability, such as dashboards, analytics, reports, and insights.

We took some time to catch up with Intelligent Hospitality’s CEO, Apo Demirtas, Ph.D., to ask what industry trends he is seeing during the COVID pandemic.

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?

By unleashing the power of data and marrying the art of running hotels with the science of running a business. Using our proprietary analyses and algorithms, HotelIQ gives hotels lagging and leading visibility into their business in ways that are dynamic and multinational. We are bringing analytical innovation and analytics culture to the hotel industry, which is currently data rich but information poor.

What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?

Small Data will become bigger than Big Data. Making big data smaller is the wave of the future. While it’s great that in the last few years big data has become the central focal point of businesses small and large, just being aware of it and storing it in the massive quantities it comes in doesn’t cut it for most businesses. The whole point is to be able to properly analyze the data and draw both practical and guiding conclusions from it in the hopes of bettering your business practices and capitalizing on trends; improving your outcomes for the future based on what you’ve learned.

How has Hapi helped Intelligent Hospitality and your customers?

Hapi has been an invaluable partner for us and our customers. HotelIQ is the best hotel business intelligence software as attested by its users and in the 2018 JP Morgan CIO Survey. Using an analogy, think of HotelIQ as the best car that is ever built. But, even the best car is useless and renders no satisfaction to its driver without proper and clean fuel to run it. Hapi provides that fuel to us and our customers.

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