Hapi Featured Technology Partner: Vizergy Digital Marketing

This week we are delighted to feature our partners Vizergy Digital Marketing,  who joined the Hapi partner ecosystem in 2019 to help hotels with their digital marketing strategy. Vizergy offers sophisticated technology platforms, responsive website designs, and digital marketing services that maximize online visibility and direct revenue. 


We asked Addams England, Senior VP of Information Technology at Vizergy to share his thoughts on how Vizergy is helping the hospitality industry during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate?


We have seen a dramatic shift in guest profiles and targeting those guest profiles requires a shift in strategy.  Vizergy’s data platform, TargetingHub, is much more than a CRM. TargetingHub allows our clients to visualize their best potential guest targets and quickly launch targeted campaigns to high value loyal guests.  These guests can be targeted directly, through look alike campaigns on Facebook/Google, or by geo-targeting to the highest probability drive markets to improve the likelihood of generating a new booking.  The days of placing an ad online and hoping you get a booking are over in today’s resource-light business environment.  Our clients want to target their marketing efforts and invest their media budget in a smart way to get the highest ROI and improved new guest acquisition.


What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-Covid era?


Hotels and resorts need to enhance their e-commerce efforts in a number of ways, from hyper-targeted marketing to contactless menus.  Hotel staffing has been hit very hard as everyone is aware, but the need for hotels to communicate any travel restrictions and safety/cleanliness measures in place is very important.  We have been deeply involved in helping our clients inventory and enhance their messaging and online communication throughout the guest’s journey.


How has Hapi helped Vizergy and your customers?


Hapi has given us a very cost effective way to extract data from multiple PMSs very quickly. Properties are sitting on large quantities of data and this data is the key to a faster recovery. Leveraging Hapi’s platform we are able to help our clients easily visualize their data and clearly see where they should target their marketing efforts.  These targeted marketing efforts will not only improve loyalty of their best past guests but most importantly help find new guests. Hapi plus TargetingHub has turned into a new customer acquisition engine and that is what it is all about, finding new customers!

For more information on Vizergy, feel free to check them out at www.vizergy.com.

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