AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner

As an AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner, Hapi can help you unleash the power of AWS.

Unparalleled Expertise

We are hotel data experts, with purpose-built tools for the hospitality sector. With a rich history of serving global hotel giants, Hapi brings unmatched expertise in solving the intricate data management challenges specific to the hotel industry.

Secure, Cloud-Based Solutions

Hapi's  cloud-based data integration platform delivers the security, scalability, and accessibility required by the modern hotel ecosystem. Fortified by AWS's cutting-edge cloud storage infrastructure, Hapi provides a seamless and secure data management experience -hosted either on Hapi's or our hotel partner's AWS environment.

Centralize Data from
Multiple Systems

With richer data sets than what has historically been available, Hapi allows hotel companies to centrally store their hotel data in a modern “store-once, use-many” fashion.

Enable Partner Integrations

Allow your technology vendor partners to connect to a normalized store of data in a secure fashion. This approach eliminates the need for costly point to point integrations, streamlines scalability across the portfolio, and reduces single vendor dependence for hotel companies.

Hapi and AWS: Powering Hospitality Data Management

Hapi and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner to tackle the challenge of collecting, normalizing and centrally storing hospitality data at scale.

Hapi's Products
and Services

Explore the innovative solutions offered by Hapi, designed to deliver your modern data management strategy.

Hapi Integration Platform

Embrace seamless integration with a normalized Hospitality Data Model. Harness the power of Transactional APIs and Event Streaming APIs, all built with AWS Competency and designed for robust security, including PCI compliance and GDPR readiness.

Hapi Data Platform

With the Hapi Data Platform, hotel companies can now centralize, normalize, and store large sets of guest and operational data from on-property systems across their entire portfolio. The Hapi platform ingests and normalizes data from multiple Property Management Systems (PMS) via our Integration platform, unlocking a hoteliers Data at Rest strategy and offering a modern, cost-effective "Store once, Use many '' mechanism. Best of all, the Hapi Data Platform is securely hosted within AWS - either in your AWS account or in an environment provided by Hapi.

Professional Services

Our dedicated team of seasoned hospitality technologists brings a wealth of experience and expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of hospitality system integrations and data management. Let our experts guide you through seamless implementation and optimal utilization of our solutions.

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