Connecting Your Hotel Data to Salesforce

Hapi Connect is the only solution to securely integrate your data into Salesforce Cloud environments in real time, helping hoteliers to innovate using the world’s leading CRM.
Guest Data
Heather James
• Female, 32
• Visits every month
• Orders room service

Deliver Guest Personalization at Scale

Is your hotel collecting and storing guest data in a closed system? Are you sharing data between the PMS and your CRM through static file uploads? Hapi Connect integrates your guest data into Salesforce in real time, allowing you to innovate faster using multiple Salesforce Clouds to make more impactful guest connections along their entire journey.

With Hapi Connect, your PMS data can be put to work directly in Salesforce
Connecting your hotel data to Salesforce is incredibly simple. Subscribe and use Hapi’s SaaS-based streaming APIs to start sending and managing your data in real time.
Trust a PCI-compliant environment to ensure your data is accepted, processed, stored and transmitted in a secure environment.
Improve guest engagement and build loyalty across your brand by implementing effective, customer-centric campaigns.
Rely on singular guest profiles to develop a 360-degree view of the guest and increase conversion with tailored transactional and promotional email marketing.

How Langham Hospitality Group is Using Data to Provide Unmatched Luxury

Langham and Hapi have partnered to build the infrastructure that utilizes Salesforce and allows for true guest personalization.


How it Works

Hapi created a native component-based integration app for Salesforce to expose PMS data directly with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Streaming APIs
Rich Data Model
Profile Matching Rules
Summarized Data
Two-way Integration
Data Retention Rules
Customizable Mappings
Customizable Flows
"The business objective is to make sure the guest knows they are staying with us and feels those moments of engagement, so they enjoy their stay more. This will also usually motivate them to spend more with us and we can make sure they come back. A big part of doing that is being able to personalize the service, so we treat you like an individual – we know a little bit about you."
Shrikant Shenoy - Langham Hospitality Group

Your Systems, Your Data

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