Hapi Featured Technology Partner: 4SUITES

Christian Arias

4SUITES is a cloud-based system of connected hardware and software, powered by the Internet of Things, aimed at helping hoteliers reimagine guest experiences and streamline hotel operations through intelligent access technology. The company offers a 100% cloud-based solution, including cloud-based mobile keys with no app install needed, cloud-connected locks, lock upgrades and readers, and cloud-based keycards. 

Through Hapi, 4SUITES is able to offer hotels an end-to-end experience by connecting with all of the leading property management systems. We recently caught up with 4SUITES to learn how they are developing products to shape the future of hospitality. 

Q: How are you helping the hospitality industry innovate? 

A: 4SUITES is an intelligent access platform tailored to hotels and supporting hotels' digital transformation. Our cloud-based software and IoT-powered devices go beyond access and provide new ways for hotels to streamline their operations, reduce costs, optimize the guest experience and increase on-stay revenue.

Q: What do you see as the biggest trend in hospitality tech in the post-COVID era?  

A: There are several trends that have emerged as the industry undergoes its digital transformation:

Contactless Solutions. During the pandemic, “contactless” became a buzzword. However, contactless technology provides so much more than a COVID measure; COVID has simply raised awareness and highlighted the need for these solutions. Contactless is all about finding the right balance between tech and touch and embracing technology to support a more digital hotel operation and guest journey.

The Internet of Things. With digitalization evolving further and faster in the hospitality space and with hotels increasing their staffless hours (or going completely staffless), the demand for real-time insights, actionable data and connected devices will increase equally. Hotels want to reap the benefits of these transitions without sacrificing their control, operation or guest experience. This is where the Internet of Things will play a more crucial role. The rise of IoT-powered devices in hotels as a result of this digital/remote transition is a certainty. 

Q: How has Hapi helped your solution and therefore your customers?

A: Hotels require system interconnectivity to ensure automated workflows and fewer interfaces. Key to achieve this automation are the integrations of 4SUITES cloud platform with hotel property management systems. Our partnership with Hapi allows us to connect with multiple large PMSs, allowing us to serve the best version of our platform to hotels across the globe.

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