Platinum Partner: Alliants

March 7, 2022


Alliants helps hotels transform their guest experience by combining messaging with concierge and powerful automation, helping to deliver exceptional contactless customer experiences. 

At Hapi, we accelerate innovation by simplifying hospitality technology integrations to the PMS. We have a partner community of more than 70 hospitality technology companies that connect into our easy-to-use HAPI APIs and we’re proud to spotlight our tech partners who are bringing innovation to the hotel industry. Alliants is at the top of the list as one of those innovative partners. Alliants works with Hapi to deliver guest experience to clients including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Nobu Hospitality.

Customer experience has come into focus during the pandemic as guests have been thin on the ground due to travel restrictions and hotels have had to ponder more deeply about relationships and revenue. Hoteliers used to think it was enough to have a smiling face at reception, but there is a growing appreciation that the bond between guest and hotel starts long before they walk through the door and that, for many people, the best welcome is a seamless arrival which allows them to bypass reception entirely and go straight to the sanctuary of their room.

“The guest expects seamless service, across the hotel segments, not just in the luxury brands. They want to see the digital and physical experience connected and then supported by communication on their preferred channel,” says Tristan Gadsby, CEO, Alliants. “Guests want to be seen as individuals, which means not just personalization, but recognition for their custom, what their preferences are and, if applicable, their loyalty.”

When it comes to implementing a contactless guest experience, Gadsby says hoteliers must look at the whole guest journey. “If they understand the art of the possible and work with vendors, they can enable the full vision, not just point solutions. Although we have moved the dial during the pandemic, we are in danger of creating a monster with lots of point solutions – for example, one for check-in, one for ancillary payments – that are not properly integrated and ultimately lead to a worse and more fragmented customer experience.”

And, the guest experience will feel fragmented if the technology that powers it is also fragmented. That’s why Alliants has partnered with Hapi. The Hapi-Alliants integration means there are seamless data flows from the PMS to the Alliants Experience Platform. That integration gives hoteliers the chance to create the experience they want for their guests. This can drive significant efficiencies – from a complete contactless experience to driving ancillary revenue with interactive digital itineraries and recommendations, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

As move to a post-COVID world, technology will continue to be a key driver of the guest experience. “In five years’ time we hope that what the guests want today will be a matter of course, so that, for example, you can walk into your hotel room and easily connect to all the in-room digital devices. This seamless experience must be extended to ancillary services, which guests should be able to use and pay for without friction,” says Gadsby. “Guest expectations will continue to rise and hotels will be expected to stay up-to-date with technology trends, with mobile and wearables (maybe even glasses) even more integral to the overall guest experience.”

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