The Problem


Too often, systems integrations are overwhelming the average hotelier. Installing new systems is cumbersome and takes too much time and manpower to accomplish correctly. The data hoteliers need to make better business decisions and improve the guest experience is stored in silos and not shared across the tech stack, often inaccessible by above-property decision makers. Some systems operate on-premise while others operate in the cloud, meaning getting them to communicate and share data in similar formats often requires deep integrations that can be costly and require many resources.

Hospitality technology integrations have traditionally been cumbersome.

Hapi's streamlined APIs open access to data from leading hotel systems

Streamlined and open APIs allow data streaming through proper hospitality technology integrations.

The Solution


Hapi is a Cloud Data Hub that exposes event streams and transactional APIs from hotel systems at scale. We help hotel companies innovate faster by removing integration, development and deployment challenges. Our secure, streamlined API framework allows technology providers to connect to leading Property Management Systems and access guest and transactional data in a short amount of time with little to no development work on the hoteliers’ end.

Hotel IT Departments

Hapi cloud enables legacy Property Management Systems to accelerate innovation. While you may operate with an on-premise PMS today, for example, partnering with Hapi allows you to push and pull data from cloud-based systems, opening up a new world of available tools.

Hotel Companies

For hospitality companies that often operate on several different PMSs, we help standardize the information you’re sharing between systems. Multi-system operators can drop in one Hapi interface and immediately consolidate your data feeds, allowing for quick access to property-level data.

Technology Suppliers

Focus on your core value proposition instead of having to fund and build integrations to multiple systems. One Hapi integration means you’ve got real-time access to data from all our integrated partners. This helps legacy systems communicate with new, cutting-edge technologies.

How it Works

Search Cache
Event Notification
Identity Resolver
Two Way Stream
Business Object Cache
Transactional API
"Hapi has a well-baked integration suite. They can provide data quickly, and we worked together on how to consume that data and present it in a way that is useful, frictionless, and has a good design from both a guest and colleague standpoint."
Lawson Kelly, Global Chief Technology Officer, Hyatt