Get Hapi with Your Hotel Data: A Modern Solution built on AWS

November 3, 2023

Jonathan Seigle

Hotel companies have a lot of data. A LOT of data. And more and more is generated every day. Data is produced by systems throughout the enterprise - whether on premise, hosted above property, or cloud. Hotel data ranges from guest-specific details (PII data such preferences, offers redeemed…)  to operational metrics (group pickup, occupancy, rate mix…) to financial measures (profit/loss, cash flow…).  

It is clear that our industry is not suffering from a lack of data. The challenge is how to properly collect, normalize, manage, store, and analyze the data we already are producing. 

And this is exactly why we introduced the Hapi Data Platform (HDP)

HDP is an AWS-hosted repository of normalized hotel data, fed via Hapi’s flagship Integration Platform. Hapi is renowned for providing a normalized stream of real time data from multiple sources, including PMS and guest activities systems. HDP ingests this normalized data stream and provides an efficient “store once, use many” model to hotel operators. 

We built HDP with the following attributes in mind: 

  • Control: Hapi Data Platform resides in the hotel company’s AWS account, giving hotel companies complete autonomy over their own data.
  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency: When data is stored in a single repository, it is easier to ensure that it is accurate and consistent across geographies, brands, owner groups, and properties. 
  • Enhanced Security: Cloud-based repositories offer a high level of data security. This is especially important for hotel companies, which handle sensitive customer information. And if a source system is compromised via breach, it is nice to know that you have an external repository of financial transaction data to fall back on. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility: HDP grows with your business, and what you pay scales with the value you derive from the system.  Other similar products require large upfront investments - HDP doesn’t. 
  • Savings on variable API charges: Some SaaS providers are starting to charge hotel customers by API call. Making a single API call and storing the data to be used by multiple consuming systems can result in significant savings. 

Hapi’s HDP early adopters are already seeing results. Since everyone loves a year-end list, here are the Top Five benefits that HDP delivers:  

  1. Benchmarking: Use normalized data to benchmark properties across your estate, even if they’re using different PMSes

  1. Guest personalization:  Land normalized guest spend data in HDP, then feed it into your loyalty / marketing engine to drive personalized offers and journeys. 

  1. Fraud detection:  Build alerts against HDP data to prompt managers to look at unusual transactions and stay on top of potential fraud. 

  1. Configuration alerts:  Enforce brand standards by generating alerts for PMS configurations that do not meet company policy - for example, for room types, rate codes, channels, etc. 

  1. Financial Reporting: Hotel companies can use normalized financial transaction data to track performance at a granular level and make informed business decisions.

Reach out and let’s have a conversation about how Hapi can help in your organization.

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