Hapi's Connector App for Salesforce Goes Next Level

September 3, 2020


Hapi Connect for Salesforce is an AppExchange app that connects hotel PMS systems to Salesforce in real-time to create dynamic, personalized guest journeys that drive greater capacity for engagement and revenue growth.  

When combined with the Salesforce platform, hoteliers can build a tailored CRM and Marketing Automation solution without worrying about the integration effort and with much of the hotel specific functionality already built into the offering.

Hotel companies can focus on building their differentiation which is significantly constrained when using industry-specific, closed solutions.

Here are three key features in the upcoming release that expand upon the value for our Salesforce connected customers today.

#1: Two-Way CRM & PMS Profile Integration

This feature allows for Profile modifications made in Salesforce to flow back to the PMS system. Modification rules can be set up in Salesforce to configure the messaging settings, as seen below.

The 2-way Profile Updates feature is especially powerful when used by hotel groups with multiple properties. Hapi's new "Dispatcher API" sends the relevant profile updates back to all properties who are subscribed to the Salesforce profile to ensure all PMS systems have the most up to date customer information.

Field Level Modification Settings manage what is sent to the PMS

#2: Integrated Stay Revenues

Stay information includes a summary of the guest folio and is typically sent on a daily basis for all checked-out reservations. Stay data can be stored in Hapi Connect's custom object or a Salesforce Big Object depending on how many historical Stay records you plan to store in Salesforce. 

Einstein Analytics can predict future production and other trends with your datasets.

Account Production with Predictive Trending

Revenue Categories can be configured for each Property to set up the mapping of PMS Revenue Buckets to the Guest Stay Records. 

Hapi summarizes PMS Revenues into 4 primary reporting categories: Room, F&B, Spa, and Other. Additionally, up to 40 separate Revenue Buckets may be mapped in Salesforce for analysis, segmentation and reporting on past customer stays.

With this much insight into the guest's spending history, you're able to create deep segmentation and dynamic content scripting using Marketing Cloud to engage with customers to put them onto "Multi-Step" or "Single Send" Journeys as well as send transactional emails like Confirmations and Pre-Arrivals.

Journey's come in various flavors to fit the situation

#3: Help with GDPR Compliance using Data Retention and Obfuscation Rules

Data storage and privacy are important to Hoteliers. Hapi Connect allows administrators to set rules to manage storage and anonymization of customer data.

When Obfuscation Rules are enabled, instead of deleting the record, Hapi Connect will anonymize the record by overwriting the personally identifying values with random text.

Check out our full Product Overview Document for the upcoming release this November.

We're looking forward to helping Hospitality recover by making it easy to use technologies through better integrations.

For sales inquiries or to learn more, please contact us.

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
Hapi is PCI Level 1 Certified

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