New Hapi Sandbox PMS Makes Integration, Testing a Joy

October 30, 2020


Hapi is proud to announce the launch of the Hapi Sandbox PMS, a web application that allows developers to interact with sandbox data in a simple yet meaningful way.



We know that dealing with PMS ( Property Management System) data can be challenging for developers, especially those that are relatively new to the hospitality technology space. 

 In building our sandbox environment, we were guided by a few key principles:

  • Working with "production-realistic" data and events makes development easier, lowers the time to market and increases the quality of the product.
  • Removing all of the PMS functionality that developers don't need allows them to better see the relationships between events and message types.
  • Providing an agnostic PMS to develop against helps align partners and customers with Hapi's vision for the future.

Hapi’s raison d'être is to simplify the development process for our hotel and technology partners. The resources and tools that Hapi offers its partners reflect this motto. As such, the Hapi Sandbox PMS gives developers a great playground to use with data they would encounter at a real live hotel property. When connecting to the Hapi Sandbox PMS, developers are effectively connecting to all PMS available on the Hapi platform. 

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