Hapi CEO Luis Segredo to Join HTNG’s Executive Leadership Group

MIAMI – July 19, 2021 – Hapi, the hospitality industry’s leading platform for fast and cost-effective connectivity between technology systems, is proud to announce that its CEO Luis Segredo has been re-elected as the co-chair of HospitalityTechnology Next Generation’s (HTNG’s) Vendor Advisory Council. HTNG serves as the leading voice for technology in the global hospitality industry, coordinating workgroups to address specific business problems and develop best practices, standards, guidance and additional solution sets to help move hospitality forward. In addition to co-chairing the council, Segredo will joinHTNG's Executive Leadership Group.

“It’s an honor to serve the industry’s most prominent organization dedicated to improving how technology suppliers serve the greater hospitality industry,” Segredo said. “The majority of my career has been spent listening to hotel owners and operators and trying to solve their greatest challenges, and I am humbled that those efforts have been recognized by a collection of my peers. At a time when the industry is undergoing perhaps its biggest digital transformation to date, I am excited to help identify critical pain points and begin developing strategies to attack those problems head on.”

HTNG’s Vendor Advisory Council provides a platform to gather cutting-edge technology vendors to tackle concerns within the hospitality industry and ensure HTNG is devoting efforts to these needs.The Vendor Advisory Council contributes thought leadership and develops solution-oriented concepts to shape technology priorities within the industry.

Segredo, a serial entrepreneur, brings more than 25 years of experience offering technology at the property and corporate evels. Before Hapi, he served as EVP of Strategic Initiatives for AmadeusHospitality. Prior to that, he was President of the MTech Division at NewmarketInternational, Inc. Segredo began his career with the introduction of some of the first Windows apps to hotels, and has experienced the challenges of technology migrations over the years through the transition from licensed seat model to managed hosting model.

At Hapi, he has overseen the development of aCloud Data Hub that exposes event streams and transactional APIs from hotel systems at scale. Hapi’s secure, streamlined API framework allows technology providers to connect to leading Property Management Systems and access guest and transactional data in a short amount of time with little to no development work on the hoteliers’ end.

Most recently, Hapi introduced Hapi Connect, the only solution to securely integrate hotels’ data into Salesforce Cloud environments in real time. Hapi Connect is a simple way to start sending and managing guest and transactional data in real time, built within aPCI-compliant environment that ensures hotel data is accepted, processed, stored and transmitted securely. It helps hotel companies improve guest engagement and build loyalty across brands by implementing effective, customer-centric campaigns.

Segredo will join Knowland CEO Jeff Bzdawka in co-chairing and directing the vision for HTNG’s Vendor Advisory Council.

“With the vendor community serving a fundamental role in HTNG’s mission, we’re thrilled to have the experience and expertise of individuals such as Luis leading our Vendor Advisory Council and serving on our Executive Leadership Group,” said Michael Blake, SVP and CTO of theAmerican Hotel & Lodging Association. “We thank Luis for all of his contributions over the years and look forward to the future endeavors we’ll face together.”


Hapi is a disruptive Cloud Data Hub that exposes event streams and transactional APIs from hotel systems at scale designed to solve the hotel industry’s rapidly expanding data management challenges, while also addressing the traditionally high integration costs andlack of vendor alignment that inhibits innovation and efficiency. Developed by hotel technology innovators, the secure, scalable, cloud-based data streaming platform is based on an open model, using the same proven technology that runs some of the world’s largest social media and business services, to which multiple layers of encryption, authentication and governance are added.

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